Our Coffees

All our coffees come from different regions of Ethiopia, where coffees are known for their bright fruited and floral flavors. In retail shops, you can find Tropical Coffee selections from Sidama, Limu and Yirgacheffe regions.

Floral, sweet, and bright flavors originate from the beautiful Sidama region of Ethiopia. Due to the washed processed drying process used in processing the coffee, beans have a more clear and clean taste. You can find fruity notes of lemon and citrus, resulting in a floral aroma.

A light to medium body coffee with a distinctively fruity flavor profile from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Along with a bright, floral, and citrus aroma, expect to taste berries as Yirgacheffee coffee is well known for its fruity and berry notes.

Well-balanced body coffee with a low acidy from the Limu region of Ethiopia. Pleasantly sweet, round and floral notes provide a highly flavored cup of coffee with a twist of nutty taste. It’s washed processed coffee, so it is somewhat sharp and clear.